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Lifestyle hotels sprout in business obsessed HK

Hong Kong lifystyle hotels reviewed - Mondrian sets a new benchmark in TST

December 2023, the Mondrian HK opened in TST, replacing the old Panorama with whimsy, views, mosaics and the Carna steak house (centre right), with Dirk Dalichau (pictured above) at the helm / photos: Vijay Verghese


A greener Singapore emerges

We review a new crop of green lifestyle hotels.


Bangkok bed Bible
A to Z

A detailed Bangkok business hotels review for all.

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Don't reinvent HK: all the goodies are here already

Author - Vijay VergheseHong Kong has unique charms that the HKTB, Cathay Pacific, and the MTR can exploit in concert to entice visitors back and revitalise local communities. It just needs imagination and creative flair, not block-buster budgets.

Jim Thompson silk, Thai icon

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