Previous Crossroads of China and Portugal is a must-do for anyone with limited time, providing a linear 24-minute stroll from Senado Square to the Taoist A-Ma Temple (1488, 7am-6pm), an incense-wreathed complex dedicated to the Goddess of the Sea. The walk is gentler from the temple and early morning affords the best light and lightest crowds. Then it's on through narrow characterful alleys lined with flowers. Explore Barra Square and then stroll up Cal├žada de Barra past the mustard walls, arches and crenellated roof of the Moorish Barracks (where Indian troops from Goa were once billeted). This is a neoclassical confection by an Italian architect, and the resultant pot-pourri is emblematic of the cultural crossroads that Macau was. Stop at charming and impossibly tiny, but leafy Lilau Square with its small spring-fed fountain before heading to the Mandarin's House (1869, 10am-6pm, shut Wed), the home of Zheng Guanying, the Qing dignitary who penned his Shengshi Weiyan here. Explore its quite alcoves. Here too is St Augustine's Church and its antique cobblestone plaza.

How about An Experiment of Creativity? This is for sun-lovers, running from Kun Lam Tong and its Buddhas, past


St Paul's facade, a popular starting point for Macau walks
St Paul's facade is the centrepiece of Old Macao A-Ma Temple
Macau General Post Office Guia Chapel and Lighthouse
Macau view from Guia Lighthouse
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